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Vacuum bean packaging machine purchase?

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Vacuum bean packaging machine purchase?

The rapid development of the economy, the Vacuum bean packaging machine effect of various products is getting better and better, and the food packaging is also the same, especially the long-distance transportation puts forward higher requirements for packaging.

Vacuum packaging has been widely used as an effective preservation method, which has stimulated the vigorous development of the vacuum packaging machine industry. Since vacuum packaging is a safety guarantee for commodities, vacuum packaging machines are also the safety guarantee for commodities. So what should be done to buy a vacuum packaging machine?

First, the vacuum pump is the core, pay attention to quality

As a core component of the vacuum packaging machine, the vacuum pump should be taken care of when selecting. Regardless of the Vacuum bean packaging machine, our focus is on the quality of its vacuum pump. Also pay attention to the pumping rate of the vacuum pump, generally expressed in cubic meters / hour, but not the bigger the better, as long as it matches the working speed of the whole machine.

Second, the quality of regular manufacturers is guaranteed

Automatic or semi-automated packaging machines are controlled by electrical components. The electronic components of regular manufacturers can guarantee durability, stability and safety, and easy to purchase consumable parts. Otherwise it is easy to age and may cause problems frequently.

Third, identify stainless steel

General regular vacuum packaging machine manufacturers, the choice of high-quality stainless steel, such as 304, is the steel for equipment. Some small manufacturers prefer to use substitutes, and the thickness of the board is relatively thin.

Fourth, choose a strong supplier

Investigate the technical capabilities and after-sales service capabilities of the manufacturers. Generally, they can have a general understanding through telephone communication and viewing the official website. Any product is not perfect. Only the timely and thoughtful after-sales service can be trusted.

Our business policy is: to survive by quality, to develop by products, to cooperate with credit and to win customers with service.

The company abides by the contractual commitment to product quality and various services, and is willing to cooperate with new and old customers to create a better future.

Company spirit: Innovation is the eternal theme, and transcendence is the unremitting pursuit.

Company purpose: credit guarantee, integrity-based.

We will serve the new and old customers with reasonable price, good reputation, strong strength, high quality products and most considerate service!


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